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Workers’ compensation and unemployment taxes are generally considered expenses that can’t be managed. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Read reviews from companies that have benefitted from partnering with GMS. Then call us today at 330-659-0100 to learn how we can do the same for you.

"Despite being penalty rated, we were still able to receive workers' comp discounts through the drug free workplace and premium discount programs. GMS prepared an excellent plan of action for the premium discount program, and prepared a thorough DFWP policy. In addition, GMS filed all the paperwork on our behalf including the application, safety grants, plan of action, and progress reports."

- Emery M - Roofing Contractor

"The Drug Free Workplace Program was made very easy and saved the company substantial money. In addition, the human resource assessment was very helpful in getting our HR department up to date."

- Joseph Z – Manufacturer

"We came from another management company and GMS straightened out our workers' compensation problems and saved us money in administrative costs, healthcare costs and workers' comp costs. We are very pleased with their services."

- Howard K - Service Organization

"GMS is helpful in so many other areas in addition to payroll such as setting up new entities, writing handbooks, drug free workplace and healthcare insurance which is one of the biggest cost reducing programs. GMS ended up saving us $17,000 per year which is huge for a small company."

- Sue K - Service Industry

"Since coming on in July of 2003, we have been very satisfied with the effort put forth by the employees at Group Management Services. We came to GMS from a local employer resources company, and to be quite frank, I had my doubts due to our location in Columbus. I was surprised to find that even though our representatives were in Cleveland, everyone was very accessible while we were trying to get all of our benefits, workers' compensation, and payroll in order after switching organizations. As a matter of fact, the people at GMS were more responsive than what we were getting from a company that was within 10 miles of our office. We were able to put together an improved benefit package for our employees at a lower cost and we were helped out immensely by the input we received to try to lower our workers compensations costs and implement improved company policies. I am also happy to say that the effort is still there almost a year later. Our payroll is processed timely, changes are made promptly, and when I pick up the phone or e-mail someone, I always receive a response. We receive phone calls and e-mails from our consultant to follow up with us on how things are going on a regular basis and it seems as though GMS is always trying to implement new things to benefit their customers. In short, I would definitely recommend GMS to take care of your HR needs."

- Stephen C - Commercial Builder/Architectural Firm

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