Summer Intern Series: Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

by Emily BrockAugust 6, 2019 8:00 AM

I spent this summer working at Group Management Services as their marketing intern, and I can surely say this experience has exceeded all my expectations. As I wrap up my 11-week program at GMS, the feelings have grown from scared and nervous to bittersweet and confident. Even though this is my last week at GMS, I know I am going back to school with more knowledge and new relationships because of the people and resources at GMS. 

I say “started from the bottom now we’re here” because coming in as a 19-year-old intern, I was anxious about how I would adapt to the professional world. I questioned if my manager would be able to trust me to get my work done – and I even thought I may not fit in – but I learned quickly that I am not alone in this process and GMS wants to do everything to make you successful in your career. 

I could write a whole book on everything I did this summer, but I will leave you with the biggest takeaways I have learned in my time at GMS.

Emily Brock with her fellow GMS interns.


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