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6 Signs A Great Employee is Going to Leave

Having a good employee leave can come as a shock. However, some workers show signs when they are thinking of moving on to a new company. Here are six signs that a good employee might be on his or her way out.

Employee departure signs

They’re Overwhelmed

It’s no fun feeling like there’s no end in sight. Employees who are overwhelmed with work thanks to having too many responsibilities might see a new job as their best opportunity to get out of the situation.

Decline in Quality

Good employees typically have good work habits. When good employees start to get sloppy, it can be concerning. Occasional mistakes happen, but a downward trend can be a sign of an employee who doesn’t care anymore. Even if it’s just an employee going through a tough time, a bad stretch might mean that an employee could be looking for a change of scenery.

Change of Schedule

People take time off for any number of reasons. If an employee starts using a lot of personal time out of nowhere, it may be a sign that they’re looking to leave. Some employees maintain odd schedules for completely valid reasons like dropping their kids off at school or regular doctor’s appointments, but a worker who starts leaving early or coming in late for no explainable reason may be meeting with another company.

They Dress to Impress

Depending on your company’s dress code, you may be able to get an idea of whether an employee might leave by his or her attire. If you notice an employee start to dress up more than usual – such as frequently wearing a tie when they never used to – they may be trying to impress at interviews. Combine this with the scheduling habits mentioned above and you might have an employee who is looking elsewhere.

Distancing Themselves

Once again, this sign can depend on the employee. However, if you notice that a formerly social employee stops engaging with his or her coworkers, you could have a problem. An apathetic or disinterested employee isn’t one that will be interested in the future of a company.

Big Life Changes

Events like marriage, the birth of a new child, or long-term illnesses can change a person’s priorities. They might start looking for jobs closer to home or with different hours. 

GMS Solutions

You never want to see a good employee leave, but it can happen. If you see the signs, you might be able to talk with the employee about what they need to succeed at your company or prepare for their departure

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