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A Letter from an Intern

Welcome to GMS! I am so excited for you to start your career with such an amazing company. I was a summer intern in 2018 and learned so much from the people at this company. I figured I’d give you a heads up as to what’s to come.

You’ll feel overwhelmed for sure in your first week. Any time you start something new, you’ll feel that way. Don’t worry though, your new co-workers will help you through it all.

A group of happy GMS employees and interns.

You’re going to meet some amazing people while you’re at this company. You’re going to meet a rep who’s been here for a while and you might not know how to feel about him at first. Give that some time because you’ll see another side of him when you go to the sales conference and you’ll become friends. Another rep is one of the biggest goofballs you’ve probably ever met, but he’s also really good at what he does. I suggest learning from him. There’s another rep who you’ll meet and she’s one of the sweetest humans you’ve ever come across. You’ll teach her things about social media and use terms she’s never heard in her life. In return, she’ll teach you things about life and be a great person to share secrets.

One of the very first reps you’ll get to know will probably start to call you her duckling. She’ll take you under her wing and try her very best to help you succeed. Make sure you thank her frequently for dealing with you daily. You’ll meet one of your favorite people while you’re here. You’ll admire her for being herself at all times and thank her for making you laugh daily.

Happy GMS interns.

You’ll meet so many others: a self-proclaimed Dave Franco look-alike, a new guy who is secretly a famous musician, a sweet little brunette who actually loves soccer more than you do, a big, tall guy who keeps tags on his T-shirts, a mom who is more like your college bestie, a guy who becomes your bestie just so you stop bugging him about being friends, and a few others who are just as special. You might even meet your work dad!

You’ll get to know your manager pretty well too. He’ll make you realize how much potential you have, and that sales is a career that you’re capable of doing. There won’t really be a “right” way to thank him, but make sure he knows how much you appreciate everything he’s done, even if he’s not aware of exactly what he did. 

You’ll want to thank the whole office for impacting you in different ways and teaching you so much. So, thank you Andy, Justin, Shelly, Sara, Zemba, Zach, Branden, Brandi, Drummy, J-Maas, Schooly, Dave, and everyone else at GMS. I’ve loved every second of my summer thanks to you guys.

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