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Affordable Care Act Delays

Well, that’s a relief.  The employer mandate for 100+ employee companies has been pushed back to 2015 and 50+ employee companies to 2016. No worries until then, right?

Unless you’re the guy who keeps kicking the can down the road hoping that something changes, you’re wrong. There’s a pretty good business book written by Rick Page called Hope is not a Strategy. I’m amazed at how many savvy business owners seem to think that it can be.

The simple truth of the matter is that the Affordable Care Act has changed everything you know or have ever known about health insurance. In fact, it’s completely changed the game. If you think you’ve protected yourself by getting grandfathered in, you’re just going to trip over that same can later.



You do, however, have options.  Larger companies have been self-insuring their healthcare plans for years and in the process been able to grab ahold of costs that were going up even back before today’s expected increases.  Small companies didn’t have that same luxury.  Until now…...

GMS has a solution for small companies that want to:

  1. Have the predictability of a level monthly cost like a traditional health plan, but with increased savings opportunities.
  2. Avoid any potential pitfalls that Community Rating through the ACA may create.
  3. Get access to claims data to help them control costs.
  4. Have more say in the network of providers their employees can use.
  5. Customize their healthcare plans to better serve their employees.


If you’ve ever thought about any of these and think that it could positively impact the benefits package you provide your employees while significantly lowering costs, you need to speak with someone at GMS.  

Think about it. If your workers’ comp premiums were raised without  you knowing why, would you tolerate it?  Unlike workers’ comp, you have a say in who you want your health insurance through. Why should they be held to a different standard than your workers’ comp insurance provider?

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