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Five More Ways to Reward Employees

Sometimes simple gifts or notes won’t cut it when it comes to rewarding an employee. Earlier this month, we provided nine gift ideas and eight free suggestions for good employees, but this post is for bosses who are looking for some alternative ways to show a worker just how much they mean to a company.

Consider some alternative ideas for rewarding employees, such as letting them work from home for a day.

Five Alternative Employee Rewards

While notes and coffee make for nice treats, sometimes an employee deserves a little something extra. If you really want to reward an employee for doing a great job, consider one of these ideas:

  • Offer to swap a task with them for a day or week
  • Reserve them a special parking spot for a week or month
  • Send something personalized to their significant other  or treat both of them to dinner
  • Let them work from home for a day
  • Offer to let them represent the company at a work conference so that they can get more experience and get out of the office

Appreciating Your Employees

Every employee is different, so some reward ideas may work better for some people than others. The same goes for businesses. For example, bringing a pet in to work may be out of the question at some companies, but others might see it as a great idea to improve morale. Choose a reward option that best fits your company and go from there.

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