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Four Reasons People Hate Their Work and How You Can Fix It

Unhappy employees can make for an unproductive company. Sometimes the key to boosting morale is to make small changes in the office. Here are four things that may upset your employees and how you can help fix it.

Image of an unhappy employee. Here are four ways you can work to improve morale at your business.

There’s No Flexibility in Their Schedule

Not everything works conveniently with a set schedule. Having set work hours is great at creating a regular office routine for your employees, but it can be extremely frustrating for employees when there’s absolutely no flexibility in their work hours. Telling someone that they can’t pick up a sick child from school because they still have an hour on the clock isn’t going to make anyone happy.

Keeping regular hours is important, but so is flexibility. Personal lives can lead to situations where someone needs to take an hour off or work a half day from home. Being open to allowing your employees to make up lost time at home or on different days can show your team that you care about their lives outside the office as well.

They’re Burned Out

A stressed employee is not always an effective employee. Burnout can be a real issue for people who have trouble stepping away from the office and can decrease morale.

Sometimes a break is just what an employee needs, so don’t be afraid to encourage your workers to step away occasionally. From a quick 10-minute breather at the office to a mental health day, breaks can reenergize your employees and do wonders for stress.

They’re Being Bombarded By Work Emails After Hours

It can be hard for an employee to relax when they feel like they have to be ready to work at any moment. After work emails will happen, but too many late night work messages can have a negative impact on your employees.

Just because your employees are connected to work by their smartphones doesn’t mean it’s necessary to always contact them while their at home. If an email is truly important, go ahead and send it. If it can wait until tomorrow, don’t bother your employees while they’re with their family. That way your employees will be refreshed when they enter the office and not grumbling about having to respond to emails at 9:30 p.m.  You can also let them know that should you send an email after hours, a response will not be expected.

They’re Dealing with Meaningless Meetings

Too many meetings can be a drag on productivity. Long, directionless get-togethers can end up being viewed as a waste of time and frustrate workers who are trying to focus on getting work done.

A good, efficient meeting is still a vital part of many businesses’ game plans. Keep your meetings structured and actionable to cut out wasted time. Your employees will thank you for it.

Keeping Employees Happy with GMS

Small changes can lead to big results for your employees. The same philosophy can also apply to you. Running a business is a big job, especially if you’re struggling to manage your company’s human resources as well. 

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