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Four Things You Should Ask Your Health Insurance Provider About

Healthcare is an important part of any small business. That’s why it’s important that you ask your medical insurance company about their services. It can be easy to turn a blind eye to what your insurance company is doing, but you should get a better understanding of how they’re serving you so that you can evaluate what they’re doing to help you. Here are four healthcare topics you should ask about.

Image of a doctor. Healthcare administration can give small business owners the service they need.

Plan Coverage

It’s important to know exactly what your plan covers. This may seem a bit obvious, but you never want to be surprised when you get a bill. While you need to know the limits of your coverage, it’s also good to find out if you’re paying for unnecessary benefits. Not all benefits will fit you and your employees, so asking for more information can help uncover these areas and potentially save you money.

Healthcare Cost Negotiation

Don’t be afraid to ask your healthcare provider how they negotiate costs. Different negotiation strategies can lead to realistic healthcare pricing, so it’s good to inquire about what your provider is doing to make healthcare costs more manageable.

Medical Bills Audits

No one wants to get incorrectly charged on a bill. Ask your health insurance company about how they audit medical bills to make sure that you get the coverage you pay for. Double billing and other mistakes can happen, so it’s important to know that your bills are checked every time. If your insurance company is less than transparent about this, you might not be getting the attention you deserve.

Customer Service

You and your employees should never have trouble getting answers about your health insurance. Asking about a provider’s customer service can help you get an understanding about how well they will be able to assist your company when there are any questions or issues. If they’re not very forthcoming with information about the type of customer service they provide, they might not be that great at helping you when you have an actual insurance concern.

Healthcare Administration Services

You and your employees deserve to be more than just a number to medical insurance companies. Your business deserves high-quality service, which is why we offer employee benefit administration to help you get the care you need. Contact GMS today to talk to one of our experts about how a Professional Employer Organization like GMS can help you regain control of your healthcare coverage.

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