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Help Your Employees With an EAP

Got Problems? Who Doesn’t?

An EAP is a great resource for employees to seek help with personal concerns. From anxiety and emotional distress to financial difficulties and relationship concerns, an EAP is here to help. The cost of an EAP for employers is minimal however; the benefits to both the employer and employees can be life changing.


Here at GMS we have contracted with Zeller & Associates to provide this service not only clients of GMS, but to GMS employees as well. Rodd Zeller and his staff bring over 50 years of experience in the industry and remain a well respected resource utilized by many companies offering EAP’s to their employees.

Why Should You Offer an EAP?

  1. 100% confidential 
  2. Help manage employees who are having personal issues that may lead to performance issues. 
  3. Reduce time off work for a disability or emotional issues that can worsen. Some companies have experienced up to a 67% decrease in unplanned absences and tardiness.  
  4. A study by the National Institutes of Mental Health reports that 66% of all terminations are personal-problem related. EAPs help you retain employees!
  5. A great way to compliment the drug free safety program. 
  6. Super quick scheduling times!

What are some advantages for employees?

Free of charge to employees and their family members.

  1. Again, 100% confidential
  2. Easy access to an already established network of hand picked, qualified, and licensed clinicians.
  3. No diagnosis on their medical record or medical history.
  4. The knowledge and comfort this resource is available when needed.

Who uses EAPs?

A lot of companies use EAPs. Here's a case study from General Motors (GM):

  • 40% decrease in lost time
  • 60% decrease in sickness and accident benefit
  • 50% decline in filed grievances
  • These savings resulted in $ 3.7 million savings in annual health care costs

It can be difficult to fully quantify the value of an EAP to both employers and employees.  An EAP has the potential to not only create a healthier and more productive workplace, but to also provide life-long benefit to your employees.  Contact GMS today for more information and to enroll! 

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