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How to Save Money and Get More Time for your Small Business

Are you looking for a way to reduce administration costs for your small business? Have you considered how much time (and money) you would save if you didn’t have to prepare and process your payroll and payroll taxes?

When you outsource payroll services, there are a number of benefits. The most essential for small businesses is that you can take the time you used to spend on payroll and devote it to building your business. 

“Women operators at Midvale Company payroll machine in Time Office, April 29, 1949” by Kheel Center, Cornell University

Benefits to Outsourcing Payroll Functions

Greater business focus

Your focus should be about growing your business and strengthening your core business strategy, not administrative details. 

Reduced costs

Using a professional employer organization (PEO) isn’t free, but many companies find significant cost savings by outsourcing their payroll. And, with a PEO like GMS, you can rest easier knowing that a team of payroll experts will protect you from risks like payroll tax penalties that directly impact your bottom line.

More time

If you’ve handled payroll or HR you understand how time consuming it can be. Calculating taxes, filing forms, and trying to keep up with different labor and tax laws could end up taking up large parts of your day. 

Time order pink payroll record before leaving for WWII. Glenn Gaskins last payroll recod before entering WWII by wcgaskins59 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Maybe it’s time to consider a PEO

As a professional employer organization, or PEO, our services and comprehensive solutions can provide options that will help effectively manage your payroll needs for you. Think about the time you will save by streamlining your system. 

GMS’s payroll services include:

  • Full-service, Internet-based payroll processing
  • Payroll tax payment & filing
  • Time keeping systems
  • Workers comp calculations & filing
  • Electronic new hire reporting
  • Online payroll services available 24/7

Read more about our what our team of payroll experts can provide for your payroll services

Still have questions about our payroll services or how working with a PEO can save you money? We thought you might, so we added a Payroll Services FAQ section.

Still not convinced? You don’t have to take our word for it, you can read the testimonials about our payroll & tax services

What are your top payroll frustrations? Find yourself wishing you could spend your time at work doing other things than payroll administration? Let us know in the comments below.

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