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How Unhappy Employees Can Affect Your Business

Happiness can be very lucrative for a business. Unfortunately, unhappy employees can hurt bottom line and make it harder for businesses to grow. Employee morale can be affected by a number of factors, including work conditions, coworkers, and personal matters, but regardless of the reason, disengaged workers can lead to future issues for business owners.

Image of an unhappy employee.

How Unhappy Employees Can Hurt Your Business

Unhappy employees cost businesses a lot of money. Gallup found that actively disengaged employees cost U.S. businesses roughly half a billion dollars per year, affecting everything from small businesses to large corporations. 

These losses can come from a variety of reasons, ranging from small offenses to serious problems. On the lower end, a disinterested employee can skirt their responsibilities. This can result in a loss of productivity due to a lack of motivation and happiness. In extreme cases, the employee may start to even steal from the company. Either way, your company gets hurt.

What Happy Employees Can Do

While unhappy employees can cause serious financial damage, happy employees are a boon to business. Studies have shown that actively engaged, happy employees are more productive than normal workers, making for better results for their bosses. Happy employees also have less incentive to leave their jobs, which can benefit your business since employee replacement can be quite costly.

What You Can Do About Unhappy Employees

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to inspire some unhappy employees. Good benefits and opportunities can be enough to support your workforce. It’s also important to hire people who make sense for your company and fit into your company culture. Initiatives like a workplace wellness program can also help your employees improve the quality of their lives – and potentially their happiness.

These are all services that a Professional Employer Organization can provide for your business to help support your workforce and strengthen your business. Contact us today to talk to an expert at GMS about how improved HR functions and benefits can improve company morale.

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