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Is Recruiting a Good Use of Your Time?

In a former life I was a general manager. A large part of my position was screening and interviewing potential new hires. This important yet time-consuming process included:

  1. Phone screening
  2. Background checks
  3. Scheduling initial interviews
  4. Clearing my schedule to make time for interviews
  5. Conducting interviews get my point.

Recruiting Takes Major Time

My assistant managers and I would spend between 1 to 3 hours each week on these administrative functions, depending on the season. That averages out to 100 hours over the course of a year.

During this entire time I was unaware of the HR and recruiting assistance offered by a professional employer organization (PEO) such as Group Management Services Inc., which would have cut those hours by more than half.

Saving time - sounds good right? It gets even better.

Finding the Best Candidates

In a recent Inc. article, Ed Powers shares this insight about initial recruiting efforts:

"Get a big funnel. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with candidates who all look the same, but you do want to have enough candidates so that you can be selective within a large pool. Reaching out beyond your usual go-to sources can uncover skilled candidates you may not have realized were out there."

When recruiting to add to your team, it’s important to:

  • Have a larger reach of candidates
  • Ask consistent questions
  • Fully comply with EEOC and labor laws

Who can consistently meet those criteria: your HR recruiting professional from GMS, or you?

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