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Pass on the Recruiter Duties

Take off the Recruiter Hat

Pass off your recruiting duties to a PEO.

Life-work balance for small business owners begins with self-control. Owners say they have too many roles to play but stubbornly hang on to them all. Sooner or later, owners like you have to give up something. I would start with recruiting.

Just for a moment, apply some time management to the task. List the minutes you spend on framing an ad or posting, on qualifying phone calls, on live interviews, and background checks. Add it up, and you will find you spend 4-5 hours on each candidate. If you are doing it well, that is about 30 hours out of your week.

Assign your hourly rate to the 30, and add the hours it will take to train and orient the new hire. Lastly, determine how long it will take to regain the lost cost.

Why Do it at All?

Structured recruitment, expert interviewing, and regulatory compliance are some of the benefits of an established PEO.

Leave it to Them

One you are confident that your PEO understands your staffing needs and business culture, job descriptions and required skills, delegate the recruiting to the real pros. Among other reasons, the PEO has a fully functioning pipeline tapping the available labor pool for your needs and those of other clients. They have a constant figure on the pulse of available candidates. They also have a greater playing field, interview within Federal and state labor laws, and place those candidates who are ready and anxious to prove themselves.

About the Author

Carolyn Sokol is founder and President of, a current member of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and writes on issues that affect small businesses.

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