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Preventing a Post-Holiday Slump in Employees

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, we’ve moved on to a whole new year of big goals. Unfortunately, it can be hard to focus on the work ahead after having spent a large part of December in holiday mode. Here are some tips on how a business can help keep employees from getting into a rut after the holiday season ends.

Motivating employees after the holidays.

Easing into a Non-holiday Work Week

The first few work weeks following the holidays can be a pretty jarring experience for employees. After having a few shortened work weeks through December – plus whatever paid-time-off or sick days were used – going right back into full five-day, 9-to-5 schedules can be a difficult transition.

If you see that employees are struggling, consider allowing them to occasionally work from home during the winter. This would save them from making a winter commute and get them away from their desk while they can still complete their work.

Get Outside (If the Weather Allows)

If the weather cooperates – which can be a fairly big “if” depending on your location – don’t be afraid to enjoy the outdoors. Even if it’s a quick walk around the block or a staff meeting in the sun, going outside can get an employee energized. 

If it’s just too cold, windy, snowy, or all of the above, try mixing things up by holding meetings or other office rituals in different locations. Even moving to a room with a window…. more windows and sunlight can help break up the monotony and give your employees a boost.

Celebrate When You Can

It’s hard to match the joy of the holidays, but the early months of 2016 can have a few celebrations as well. Energize employees with special occasions, whether it’s a lunch break, a birthday party, or a little happy hour get-together once a month. Even an occasional celebration can help break up a post-holiday rut.

Taking Care of Employees with GMS

Happy employees can make a big difference. These tips can help you combat the first few weeks of the year when workers can suffer from a lack of motivation.

Another way to provide a morale boost for employees is by teaming up with a Professional Employer Organization. Group Management Services can provide you and your team big-business HR management, partnering with you to take care of your company. Contact GMS today to learn more.

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