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Questions You Should Ask a Professional Employer Organization

You have to make a lot of decisions when you own a business, and they’re not always easy. The decision to partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to manage your payroll, human resources, risk management strategies, and benefits is a perfect example of this.

Do your due diligence when selecting a PEO. Contact GMS with any questions you may have to help make your decision.

What You Should Ask

At GMS, we encourage you to do your research when it comes to deciding on whether you partner yourself with a PEO and, if you do, which organization you choose. There are some very important questions you should ask every PEO before you make the call, including:

  • Do you offer the range of services that will meet my needs?
  • How are your employee benefits funded?
  • Can you tailor your benefits packages to meet the needs of my employees?
  • Are you a member of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations)?
  • What is your client retention rate?
  • How many companies and employees do you currently represent?
  • What certifications or accreditations do your employees have?
  • Do you have any clients that are similar to my business?

The answers you receive can let you know more about what that PEO can offer you and your company and make the decision process a lot easier.

HR Management Through GMS

At GMS, we strive to make your business simpler, safer, and stronger. Part of that process includes you making an educated decision that will benefit your organization, so contact us today to ask any of the aforementioned questions – or any others you may have in mind – and see if GMS is the PEO for you.

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