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Social Selling Tips: Facebook Edition

Facebook is about more than checking to see what your online friends are doing. Numerous businesses maintain an official page to help expand brand awareness and drum up new leads.

However, with all of the users and businesses currently on Facebook, you’ll need to spend some time on your page in order to build your audience. Here are some tips to help you get your business page noticed.

Using Facebook for business

Use Photos and Videos

In a sea of potential posts, visual media can help your content stick out. According to a study from social media analytics site Quintly, videos and photos earn more interactions on average than other types of posts.

By keeping some of your posts shorter and utilizing images and videos, you can get the point of your post across quickly and effectively. 

Targeting and Timing is Important

Facebook gives you the ability to target your content to a specific crowd. If you have a post that would only apply to a certain cross-section of your audience, you can narrow down your targeting by age, location, and other details. The same goes for Facebook advertisements, which can also be a powerful selling tool.

Posting your content when your audience isn’t on Facebook will lead to less engagement and exposure. Time your posts to go out when your followers are most active, such as right at the end of the work day and in the evening. If you’re not sure when your audience is online, you can find data in your Page Insights on Facebook that will provide the information in a simple chart.

Promote Your Platform

Once you’ve established a presence on Facebook, you should continue to promote it. Placing social media buttons and calls to action on your online properties will direct people to your official Facebook page and other social platforms. Calling out your social platforms in emails and newsletters can also direct your current audience to go and support you on Facebook as well.

Growing Your Business

With over 1 billion active users each month, Facebook has plenty of potential for businesses. However, building up a social presence takes time. Group Management Services can help you grow your business by managing HR functions while you focus on growing your company. 

Contact us today to see how partnering with a Professional Employer Organization can benefit you and your business.

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