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The Benefits of 24/7 Telemedicine Services

Illnesses and injuries don’t have hours of operation, but your local doctors’ office usually does. However, a closed office doesn’t mean that you and your employees can’t get good medical advice. 

Group Management Services helps businesses receive quick, convenient access to medical professionals and information through Telemedicine services through Healthiest You. Here’s how Telemedicine can help your company.

Image of a doctor during a telemedicine call. Telehealth services help your employees get medical help at all times.

24/7 Telemedicine Access

With Telehealth, employees don’t need to wait until the next available appointment to find out what’s wrong with them or their families. Telemedicine lets people quickly and conveniently connect with a professional physician via phone, video, or Internet chat.

Thanks to Telemedicine services, your employees can get quick answers to their health questions without having to go to an in-person appointment. This cuts out costly co-pays without making employees worry about what’s wrong with their four-year-old child or wonder if they should time off from work to head to the doctor’s office.

In-depth Information Library

Employees don’t always need to see a physician face-to-face to get the answers they need. Telehealth members also receive access to an extensive information library that covers over 1,000 different topics.

Even with the option to contact physicians, you may not always want to set up a call or a video meeting for something that you can research. The information library gives you and your employees the ability to easily look up details on health concerns that might not necessarily warrant a call. Plus, you can always follow up with a Telemedicine physician if you decide that you want a doctor’s advice after you search through the library.

Cut Out Co-pays and In-person Doctor’s Appointments with Telemedicine

Going to the doctor’s office isn’t always easy. Whether an employee or a member of his or her family is sick, unexpected trips to the doctor can cause scheduling headaches, and that’s if their doctor is even available. 

Telemedicine lets your employees get the medical access they need without having to move around their work schedule. That can lead to fewer work days missed and healthier employees. Contact GMS today to talk to one of our group healthcare experts about how Telemedicine can benefit your business.

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