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The Benefits of a PEO: 401(k) Plans and Profit Sharing

When you’re a business owner, a 401(k) or profit sharing plan is a must to help attract and retain great employees.

While you may be the owner of a company, you’re likely not an expert on the legal responsibilities of offering these plans to your employees. Most business owners are too focused on running their company to provide an adequate amount of attention on benefits administration.

Your benefits don’t have to be a hassle. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can step in and cut costs, save time, and offer customizable plans for your company.

GMS can help business owners offer appealing 401(k) and profit sharing plans.

Saving Time on 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans

You may not be an expert on 401(k) and profit sharing plans, but the people who work for a PEO are. By working with a PEO, you won’t waste your valuable time trying to make sense of something that you likely don’t have much experience. Plus, management fees are low, so you won’t have to break the bank to get a professionally managed plan.

A PEO can work to set you up with a customizable plan that fits what you and your employees want. That means that you can spend your time on ways to build your company instead of getting headaches trying to wrap your head around the legal responsibilities of benefits administration. 

Retirement Guide

Work with GMS for a Customizable 401(k) and / or Profit Sharing Plan

As a PEO, Group Management services works to offer retirement plans that will strengthen your business. GMS can help you establish:

  • 401(k) eligibility requirements
  • Vesting
  • Tax-deductible matching
  • Profit sharing contributions

We’ve got the experts to help you save time and money on your benefits planning. Contact us today about retirement planning that will help you attract and retain quality employees.

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