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The Effect Of Ohio's New Firearm Law On Employers

The Effect Of Ohio's New Firearm Law On Employers

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law Ohio Senate Bill (S.B.) No. 215. This will permit any “qualifying adult” to legally carry, possess, or conceal a handgun without a license, background check, or training requirements.

Individuals who are considered a qualifying adult include:

  • Those who are 21 years of age or older
  • Legal residents
  • Not a fugitive 
  • Not a subject to a protection order
  • Have not been hospitalized or adjudicated mentally ill
  • Have not been dishonorably discharged from the military 
  • Do not have a conviction or delinquency for a felony, a drug offense, domestic violence, one misdemeanor offense of violence within three years or two within five years
  • Are not otherwise forbidden under state or federal law

Before this bill, in order to obtain a concealed handgun license in Ohio, an Ohio resident must:

  • Submit an application to the county sheriff
  • Pay an initial $67 fee
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete eight hours of training
  • Pass a written exam

What This Means For Employers

The law still authorizes employers to establish, maintain, and enforce policies prohibiting individuals from carrying handguns or firearms in company buildings or within company vehicles. Private employers are “immune from liability in a civil action for any injury, death, or loss to person or property that allegedly was caused by or related to a [person] bringing a handgun onto the premises or property of the private employer, including motor vehicles owned by the private employer, unless the private employer acted with malicious purpose.”

The main change for employers to be aware of under the new law involves the storage of its employees’ guns in parked cars on company property. A law passed in 2017 allowed employees with a valid concealed carry license to bring firearms and ammunition in their privately owned vehicle onto their employer’s parking lots, as long as they follow specific guidelines. Senate Bill 215 now gives all qualifying adults the same rights effective June 13th, 2022. Employers should consider revising their current employment policies to reflect the new law.

Protect Your Employees And Your Business

Since rules and regulations are constantly changing, keeping your business operations up to date is important. Partnering with GMS will provide your business with experts that will handle these ever-changing rules and regulations. Are you worried about Ohio’s new firearm law’s effects on your business? GMS will provide onsite training to ensure your employees are compliant with the law. Do you need to update your employee handbook? Employees at GMS will work diligently to create a handbook corresponding to Senate Bill 215 and identify specific steps employees must take. Get a quote today.

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