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Three Big Business Benefits of Online Payroll

Business owners should feel like shouting “mayday” when preparing for pay day. Unfortunately, payroll management can be a time-consuming, frustrating ordeal for owners if they don’t have any help. 

Payroll needs to be done securely, accurately, and on-time, which leads to extra aggravation, but it’s better than having several employees questioning where their paychecks are or why they’re incorrect. Online payroll helps business owners streamline the process by giving them the tools to make management faster and easier. Here are three big benefits of using online payroll for your business. 

Image of a keyboard for online payroll.

Payroll Access with an Internet Connection

You don’t have to be stuck behind your desk to manage or access payroll information anymore. Online payroll gives you the freedom to do it, well, online. Now you can securely handle payroll tasks anywhere there’s an internet connection, giving you more freedom to take care of business away from your desk.

Simplified Payroll Reports

You shouldn’t have to struggle with your data. Online payroll makes it easier to integrate your payroll information with financial reporting data and allows you to generate reports when you need them. That allows you to base your decisions on accurate, up-to-date information without having to scrounge around your office for all the necessary files.

Time Savings

You may have guessed it by now, but online payroll is a major time saver. In addition to the convenience of online access and easily generated reports, there are several other time-saving benefits, such as simplified compensation calculations and payments and tracking for deductions and paid time off. Payroll can take hours to complete. Online payroll shrinks that time commitment so that you can focus your energy elsewhere.

Don’t get stuck spending hours filing reports and solving W-2 riddles. GMS provides online payroll services to make your payroll process simpler, safer, and stronger. Contact us today to talk to one of our payroll experts about our services.

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