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We Got a New Website!

If you've been to our site over the past few days, you probably noticed something...really different.

Different as in: "Hey, look! We got ourselves a new website!"

Why did we do it? It might look nice, but it's not just for aesthetics. We did it because the only thing that's constant is change, and our old website wasn't serving our existing or potential customers as well as it used to.



Let's take a look at the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you're a business owner, you've probably struggled to understand how it changed the way you handle employee benefits. If you still need to learn more, or better yet, want to know how we can help you, just visit our new GMS TPA Services section.

Additionally, as a result of changes like those brought on by the ACA, the PEO industry is growing faster than ever. People research companies like GMS from every type of device - from smartphones to desktops and everything in between. Our old site was impossible to read on a small screen. Now, you can easily use our site - and find pertinent information- from any device you may be using.

Anyway, we're excited about the site and what this means for you. Excited that it's easier to use. Excited that it simplifies the crazy world of business processes. And excited at the idea that it can help improve the GMS experience with our existing AND prospective customers.

What do you think about it? Leave a note on our Facebook page to let us know!

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