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Why Business Jargon Can Confuse Your Employees

Business jargon is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily helping your employees. Jargon is a way to condense interesting ideas into short sound bites so that business people could easily convey messages without lengthy explanations. Unfortunately, using jargon doesn’t always work out that way and can end up negatively affecting your employees.

Image of bored employees. Read about the problems of business jargon and how a PEO can help keep your employees informed.

What Does It Mean?

Not everybody knows what you know and vice versa. When a person speaks in jargon, there’s always a chance that the message can be misunderstood.

Some employees are better than others at keeping up with business jargon. Others may not have a clue or only a slight understanding of what someone is trying to convey when they throw around terms like “mindshare.” Employees aren’t likely to stop someone and ask what they mean for fear of looking uninformed, even if they’re not the only person who’s confused.

If you think that someone might not be picking up on jargon, it might be best to just explain it in common language. This will keep your employees in the loop and save you from having to explain your message again at a later date.

Jargon Relatability

Jargon can lead to more than confusion. Author James Sudakow speculates that too much jargon can make normal work conversations feel inauthentic. Instead, it relies on business clichés to speed up discussions and explanations in place of language that may better connect with employees.

This doesn’t mean that jargon doesn’t have its place. Succinct explanations can be worthwhile in moderation. However, if a jargon-heavy conversation is leading to some blank stares, it might be time to switch to more simplified language. 

Less Jargon, More Information

Confused employees are not going to be nearly as effective as they could be with clear communication. Like jargon, human resources can often be a source of confusion for your employees. Unfortunately, you may not have all the answers that your employees are seeking.

A Professional Employer Organization like Group Management Services can offer HR management that can benefit your company by simplifying complex topics. A PEO can manage important functions like payroll, HR, risk management, and benefits, all while keeping your employees up to date. Contact us today to learn how partnering with a PEO can strengthen your business and keep you and your employees on the same page.

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