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Why Your Business Should Go Paperless with Online Payroll

Paper has played a huge role for businesses. Legal documents and contracts can be found in offices around the country. Business cards and print ads helped to seal deals for decades. Even money is printed on paper. Thanks to technology, however, the times have been a changin’.

In this digital age, businesses can cut down on paper usage in favor of online documents and processes. It’s become so popular that, according to a study on document-creation site Nitro, 49 percent of CEOs name sustainability as a top three initiative for their organization. A paperless workplace is a great way to achieve that goal.

Image of a keyboard for paperless payroll from an online payroll provider.

Why Businesses Go Paperless

At this point, you may be thinking, “Yeah, that sounds great, but how does going paperless actually help me?” Independent Business Consultant Larry Alton lays out six big reasons on on why businesses should make the move to cut out paper:

  • Time
  • Access
  • Space
  • Security
  • Money
  • Environment

Today, there’s no need to physically print out, file, and search for documents. Everything can be securely stored online through the cloud, which means less time spent handling paper documents that could fill several filing cabinets or storage boxes. Also, online documents can be accessed 24/7 from any location with an internet connection.

After all of that, there’s also the savings. Alton cites that paperless offices save “roughly $80 per employee (annually) in costs related to paper, ink, toner, storage space, and postage.” He also adds that the average firm uses more than 10,000 pieces of paper in a year. That means a paperless initiative can help both your wallet and the environment.

However, it’s tough to create a completely paperless business. According to Nitro, only 3 percent of businesses have eliminated paper from every process. 

Between old traditions that die hard or businesses that still need to maintain at least some sort of paper usage, a 100 percent paper-free environment isn’t necessarily attainable. However, businesses can still receive some of the benefits of going paperless by making small changes over time. One great place to start is paperless payroll.

Start Small with Paperless Payroll

Changing your payroll process can be an easy first step toward going paperless. Instead of dealing out paper checks for every single employee, businesses can work with an online payroll provider to streamline the process and save through direct deposit (also known as electronic funds transfer) or global cash cards. There’s added costs to paper checks.

Just how much can businesses save on paperless billing? Due to physical resources and processing fees, it may be more than you may think. A report in Business News Daily states that “businesses save between $2.87 and $3.15 per pay run by paying employees electronically, such as via direct deposit, instead of via paper check.” The report also points out that online pay stubs save an additional $1.20.

Online payroll is one simple way to cut down on some unnecessary costs and inconveniences. As a Professional Employer Organization, we can provide online payroll services to make the move to a paper-free company. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about online payroll services and software for your business. 

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