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Laura Conley Announced As GMS' Employee Spotlight

Laura Conley Announced As GMS' Employee Spotlight

RICHFIELD, Ohio – February 12, 2024 – GMS announces Laura Conley as its February employee spotlight. Laura Conley started her tenure with GMS in 2002, where she served as a Payroll Specialist. From there, Laura was promoted to Payroll Services Manager, a position she still serves today. Laura enjoys spending time with her coworkers and being surrounded by hard-working and passionate individuals at GMS.

About Laura Conley

Laura’s favorite memory at GMS is dressing up with the payroll department as bikers for Halloween. One day, Laura would love to have a hobby farm with fainting goats and mini cows. An item on her bucket list is to travel to Santorini, Greece. Laura has mastered making homemade sourdough bread. Her ideal weekend is spent taking a long hike, followed by a meal and a drink on her patio. She has a goldendoodle named Mabel.

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