Self-Insured Health Plan for Employers

You value your employees and you want to offer them the quality benefits they deserve.

The Affordable Care Act has led to increases in fully-insured healthcare plan premiums. As a result, you may be considering moving to catastrophic (very high deductible) health plans, reducing employee hours, or laying employees off to reduce costs.

Self insured health plans for employers

With GMS TPA Services, You Have a Better Self-Insured Health Plan Option

GMS TPA Services offers a two-tiered solution that enables you to provide quality healthcare benefits without breaking the bank.

Self-Insured Group Health Plans

Unlike fully-insured plans, self-insured plans give you the control to buy insurance that meets the needs of your specific group.

Additionally, GMS TPA Services offers stop-loss insurance, which protects you from unforeseen, major claims.

Third Party Administration

Once you’ve set up your self-insured plan, GMS TPA Services will work with your broker and will administer a number of services, including:

  • HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement)
  • HSA (Health Savings Account)
  • Eligibility management and more

How Can GMS TPA Services Benefit Me?

  • Pay only for insurance you need
  • Increase cash flow – by lowering your group’s premiums
  • Limit your risk – through stop-loss coverage
  • Refocus on growing your business – we handle the administration
  • Retain employees – keep them happy by offering quality benefits 

Contact GMS TPA Sevices at 440-527-2955 today to learn more about how we can help you manage rising healthcare costs.

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