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Human Resources FAQs

No. Our role is to make HR-related decisions easier for you. When you become a GMS client, you retain full control and direction over your employees.

GMS handles the burden of HR management so you can focus on growing your business. We centralize everything in our Employer HR portal so you can access and track:

  • Performance reviews
  • Job descriptions
  • Time-off requests
  • Handbooks, and more

GMS will conduct a Human Resource Analysis to determine what aspects of HR we need to focus on first.  We can handle anything from writing an employee handbook, creating a training program, or wage analysis to ensure you are competitive in your market.

GMS offers a web-based HR portal. When you work with GMS, your employees will have access to their personal information anywhere an internet connection exists.

You can access your company’s HR information anytime, anywhere an Internet connection exists through our web-based online HR portal.

Stacey Larotonda, our Vice President of Client Services. She can be reached at 330-659-0100.

The size of your company will determine how often you see your HR account manager. Our account managers are always available over the phone for immediate questions, but you can anticipate seeing them at least once every quarter.

Unemployment claims drive premiums and our expert risk management department can help reduce and eliminate fraudulent unemployment claims. Managing your state's unemployment rate is just as important to us as managing your workers' compensation rate. We have a proven track record, and a 96% success rate, in defending our clients against non-layoff-related unemployment claims. We therefore have the ability to reduce your rate, and the corresponding payments you make, over time.

Very similar to workers’ compensation claims. GMS will be notified of the claim and provide legal representation to defend them.

Our risk department is going to advise you on what is best for your company. But as the business owner, you have the final say on what you want to fight and claims you want left alone.

These claims are mailed directly to GMS. We go directly into the HR portal to see if anything has been documented about the employee and then we contact you to see what the reason for termination was.

Every state has different rules on this. We will handle your account the way the State mandates. As a client, GMS will be able to help you reduce your state unemployment rate by managing your account through proper documentation, such as signed handbooks and job descriptions. 

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Check out these free resources from our Education Center to learn more about Human Resources and how outsourcing your HR can benefit your business.

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