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GMS Mobile Application

GMS Mobile Application platform (the App) permits users to access employment-related information. You are advised that the account is available for access by employees but shall not be otherwise modified, expanded, or terminated by the end users unless specifically requested by GMS. GMS has the exclusive right to create said accounts. The accounts shall remain in accordance with GMS’s record retention rules and regulations.

Your Use Of the App

The App allows you to view your employment-related information. Your use of the App must comply with the Guidelines below, which may be updated from time to time. Should we become aware of activities that violate these Guidelines access may be restricted, and legal action pursued, if warranted.

The App Guidelines

You may not use the App to:

  • Gain unauthorized access to any information that is not specifically related to yourself, including personal, private, or confidential information belonging to others.
  • Impersonate or misrepresent your identity. 
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, recompile, update, or modify any portion of, or the entirety, of the App.
  • Plan or engage in any illegal, fraudulent, or manipulative activity. 

Third Party Websites 

The App may contain or reference links to websites operated by third parties. These links are provided as a convenience only. Such Websites are not under GMS’s control. GMS is not responsible for the content or any links contained in a Third Party Website. Access to any Third Party Website is at your own risk, and you acknowledge and understand the linked websites may contain terms and privacy policies that are different from GMS’. We are not responsible for such provisions, and expressly disclaim any liability for them.

Privacy Policy

The GMS Privacy Policy is located at