Small Business Resources

Managing a Business is Hard Work

That’s why we created these free small business resources to give you more information on the complex aspects of owning and growing a business and managing human resources, payroll, and benefits - and why you should consider outsourcing these responsibilities to a PEO.  

Understanding PEO's

What is a PEO?

What is a PEO?

Find out what a professional employer organizations (PEO) can and can’t do for your organization.

Selecting a PEO

Selecting a PEO? Do Your Due Diligence!

Use this checklist to determine the best PEO for your business.

PEO Comparison

PEO Comparison

Find out how GMS compares to other PEOs related to payroll, billing, benefits, HR services, and more.

Advantages of a CPEO

CPEO stands for Certified Professional Employer Organization. See how GMS became a CPEO.


Does Outsourcing HR Functions Mean You Lose Control of Your Business?

The short answer: no. Here’s how PEOs give you more control over your business operations.

Benefits of a PEO

Small Business Employee Benefits Resources

Small Business Health Insurance Guide

The Complete Guide to Small Business Health Insurance

Understand the different coverage, plan options, and costs of group health insurance.

Small Business Retirement Guide

Small Business Road to Retirement Guide

See how a PEO can help small businesses with 401(k) and profit sharing plans.

Small Business Health Insurance Guide

Health Insurance Basics for Small Business Owners

Understand the different types of plans, requirements, and responsibilities for offering health insurance.

Small Business Health & Wellness Guide

Small Business Guide to Health & Wellness

See how a health and wellness program can benefit your small business.

Getting to Know Benefits

Getting to Know Benefits

Learn why benefits are important to your company and how a PEO can help you manage employee benefits.

Small Business Employee Management Resources

Small Business Hiring & Retention Guide

The Small Business Guide to Hiring and Retaining Quality Talent

Ready to make your next hire? Learn the secrets to finding quality talent and keeping them.

Small Business HR Outsourcing Guide

The Small Business Guide to HR Outsourcing

Understand the benefits of outsourcing your human resources functions to a PEO.

Small Business Employee Retention Guide

The Small Business Guide to Employee Retention

Why do great employees leave? Here’s how a PEO can increase your retention rates.

Small Business Employee Management Guide

Managing the Employee Lifecycle

From recruitment to training to departure, here’s how to manage employees every step of the way.

Small Business Training Guide

The Costs and Benefits of Employee Training

Understand the value employee training can bring to your small business.

Getting to Know HR

Why Is Human Resources Important to Your Company?

Learn about the many functions of human resources management.

Going Paperless

Benefits of Going Paperless

Tips for transitioning to a paperless business.

Small Business Payroll Resources

5 Signs Your Small Business Needs to Outsource Payroll

Payroll is costly in both time and money. Here’s how outsourcing payroll can help.


Small Business Risk Management Resources

Risk Management

Getting to Know Risk Management

Understand risk management and how you can reduce workers' compensation costs and minimize risk.

4 Benefits of Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Programs for Ohio Businesses

Understand why a self-funded approach is better for business than fully-insured workers’ compensation.

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3 Barriers to Workplace Safety Programs

Learn how to overcome challenges of implementing occupational health and safety.

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Workplace Injuries and Safety Programs by the Numbers

Find statistics on workplace injury and the benefits of workplace safety programs.

See the stats

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