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Workplace Injury Reporting & Nurse Triage

Our partnership with CarivaCare provides our clients with 24/7 access to the workers' compensation nurse triage program. This program offers employees a neutral, third-party medical professional to report any injuries on the job. CarivaCare focuses on customizing service delivery to fit each client's specific needs. 

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How Does It Work?

Should an injury occur on the worksite, calling CarivaCare's workers' compensation nurse triage reporting line will quickly connect employees with one of their knowledgeable, caring professionals. Studies show that most workplace injuries do not require costly, time-consuming trips to the emergency room. 38% of all calls handled by CarivaCare do not become workers' compensation claims. The following are the steps showcasing how this program works: 

  1. Employee calls 24/7 Careline
  2. Injury report is obtained
  3. Nurse triage via medical algorithms 
  4. Authorization is faxed to a treating facility 
  5. A report is emailed to company stakeholders 

If further treatment by a physician is recommended, our staff will assist the employee with finding the right facility. The injury report and treatment authorization are provided to the treating facility before the employee arrives. 

Program Highlights

24/7/365 availability

Works in conjunction with your current workers' compensation program

Program results in approximately 38% of reduction of cost on potential claims

Notification to treating facility/physician of modified work available, reducing lost work time

Reduction in emergency room visits and costs

All calls are recorded, limiting possible fraudulent claims

Spanish-speaking staff readily available

Submit all paperwork and findings to GMS within one hour of the phone call with FROI and pictures, if needed

Protect your employees now, before it's too late.

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