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Employee Onboarding

A growing business needs to effectively onboard employees to hit the ground running. GMS can build an onboarding process that takes the administrative work off your hands while setting up new employees for long-term success.

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Why Employee Onboarding Is Important

Prioritizing a thorough onboarding process is crucial for cultivating mutual long-term success and satisfaction for new employees and businesses. The onboarding phase offers support to new employees as they begin to understand role expectations and acclimate to the company environment. During this process, employees receive tools and resources, such as an employee handbook, in addition to the training they need to navigate their new position. Investing in a comprehensive onboarding process demonstrates a business' commitment to employee success, leading to heightened productivity, improved retention rates, and a stronger company culture. 

Onboarding New Hires In A Small Business

For a small business to be successful, hiring the right employees is crucial. The process, though, goes beyond extending a job offer. You also have to ensure that new hires are properly trained before they begin working. In essence, an onboarding program helps to "set the tone" for a new employee. 

Some business owners find the entire employee onboarding process to be a difficult and expensive one that takes a toll on the company culture and productivity. The average new hire onboarding experience alone can consist of 54 different activities. That can be a lot of extra administrative work for a growing company to take on. 

Employee Onboarding Services

A PEO (professional employer organization) like GMS can develop a custom employee onboarding process for your organization.

Some of the employee onboarding services we offer include:

Paperless Onboarding

Paperless Onboarding

The entire GMS onboarding process is paperless, which is ideal for companies interested in sustainably streamlining their operations. Of course, it also means less clutter and cost. The HR world is notoriously “paper-heavy,” but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment

GMS can help your new employees enroll in your organization’s benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, vision, dental, and any other ancillary benefits that you offer. Our online benefits enrollment process can reduce confusion regarding what benefits are available to employees. Each employee can also make changes to or confirm existing benefits as well.



Employees will be interested in understanding when and how they are paid, and employers will want to make the process of adding new employees to payroll as seamless as possible. We’ll cover everything from direct deposit enrollment, payroll deductions calculations, employee access to paystubs and W-2s, time tracking, and more.

Employee Training

Employee Training

It can be quite costly to train employees, and some of your top managers might have to take time away from important projects to train them, which only adds to labor costs. The proper training can help ensure employee productivity is well spent and help your new hires feel more empowered in their work. GMS makes the onboarding process simpler and more convenient by offering guidance on training programs for small and medium-sized businesses.

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