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PEO Services For Auto Repair Shops

With decreasing numbers of workers entering skilled trades, auto repair shops can experience difficulties hiring and retaining technicians. Entrusting your HR and benefits services to a professional employer organization (PEO) like GMS can help create a safer, more attractive workplace for today’s mechanics.

HR Challenges In The Auto Repair Industry

As senior auto technicians retire and fewer young people enter the field, the auto repair industry faces a serious skill shortage in the coming years. Concerns about workplace safety, pay, and benefits are often some of the biggest blockers for shops to retain mechanics and attract new ones. 

Offering competitive pay and benefits that match the quality that businesses in other industries provide their staff will be crucial moving forward. Likewise, it will be just as important to ensure that the workplace complies with safety standards and regulations when considering all of the physical and chemical hazards that roam the shop floor. 

HR Management For Auto Repair Shops

PEOs specialize in handling HR functions for employers so that you can focus on service and sales with less time spent on administration. By partnering with a PEO like GMS, we can help your auto repair business cut costs, run more efficiently, and become a sought-after workplace for new talent. Some of the many benefits of outsourcing your HR services to GMS include:

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