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Risk Management FAQs

We will look up your claim history during the quoting process to answer this question. However, note that with the number of customers and payroll dollars we run we have more options when it comes to helping you save money on workers’ compensation issues.

You have one point of contact when a claim occurs and with your assistance, our risk managers will take it from there. GMS’ risk team will guide you through every step of the process, as well as advise you on the appropriate steps to take depending upon the severity of the claim. Our risk team will fight the claim, and our attorneys will attend hearings if need be. Because of the co-employment relationship, our risk managers are able to call doctor’s offices, etc. to investigate the claim.

No, we need your input to effectively manage any job related injury.

Each of our clients is individually evaluated for discount programs that are available through GMS. We will make sure that your claims are managed properly going forward to try to reduce rates as low as possible.

There are too many factors to give a definitive answer, but we can assure you that GMS will do whatever is possible to reduce your exposure and financial burden from a workers’ compensation claim.

Yes, GMS' safety team's first step is to ensure you are in compliance. We do this by conducting a risk assessment of the worksite/facility. The risk assessment will include recommendations to keep the company up to date with safety measures and proper documentation including, but not limited to: OSHA 300 logs, safety manuals, SDS book, hands-on training, maintenance schedule for all equipment, and SOP's. 

We offer several different trainings that range from Tool box trainings, online and in-person safety trainings including but not limited to: Power Industrial Truck (PIT) training, Respirator FIT test, fall protection, ladder safety, scissor lifts, and many more. You can see a sampling of them at GMS Safety. 

We offer this as an option; in no way do we enforce this upon the employers we work with. While it is suggested, it is still your company.

Yes. We recommend:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random
  • Post-accident
  • Reasonable suspicion

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Check out these free resources from our Education Center to learn more about Risk Management and how outsourcing your risk management services can benefit your business.

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