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Metabolic Wellness

Through our metabolic wellness program, in partnership with Activate Metabolics, your employees will be provided with an effective science-based program and business model that will enable you to achieve healthy weight loss. By using body composition analyses and genetic testing, each individual will be crafted a unique weight loss system. 

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The Science Behind Our Metabolic Wellness Program

By combining science with strategic eating recommendations, providing temporary supplementation to help establish critical habits, and offering a community of support, our employers will embark on a lifetime of healthy weight and wellness.

The Science Behind Our Metabolic Wellness Program: 

  • Step 1 - Body Composition Analysis
    • Your fat, muscle, water, and bone weight will be measured. 
  • Step 2 - Genetic Testing
    • This step checks your DNA and determine your patient's processing, storage, and assimilation of different nutrients.
  • Step 3 - Weight loss plan is created
    • We use tailored dietary plans and supplements to help patients achieve their goals. 

By using genetic testing technology, we can determine how to best fuel our bodies with the appropriate food and how to best move our body with the appropriate exercise. 

Science-Based Weight Loss and Metabolic Wellness

Activate Metabolics isn't a quick fix, short-term diet, or a product selling business. Instead, it's a comprehensive clinical-based weight loss system and business model. By combining body composition analyses with genetic testing, a unique weight loss system is created for each individual. 

Our system relies on these essential elements:

  • Weekly one-on-ones with physicians and/or nurse staff
  • Proven, yet simple strategic eating
  • Weekly nutrition and fitness educational sessions
  • Community & support
  • DNA body composition analysis 

We want to work together to create a healthier world. Your employees will be provided with a complete toolset they need to improve their health and establish habits that will last a lifetime. 

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