What It’s Like to Work for GMS: The INTERNal Perspective

by Tim AustinJuly 23, 2015 8:00 AM

The road to getting an internship can be a rough one, especially if it is your first. If you were anything like me, you went to career fair after career fair, booth to booth, one person to the next, and before you knew it you were pretty overwhelmed by the entire process. 

As a sales and marketing double major, I was lucky to have my choice of several companies to complete my university mandated internship. The original ten offers quickly dwindled as I ran them past my internship expectations - pay, experience, and environment. It was obvious after my GMS interviews with the Richfield Sales Manager, David Swift, and the VP of Sales, Tim Austin, that I had found the internship my classmates could only dream about.

Find out what it’s like to intern at GMS from our Summer 2015 Sales Intern Erin Seiler.



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Bring Your Kids to Work Day at GMS

by Tim AustinJuly 2, 2015 2:45 PM

History behind the day: When the Ms. Foundation for Women started “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” in 1993, the idea was to help boost girls' confidence and to link education to work opportunities.  

The day is now referenced as “bring your kids to work day” Currently, the event is estimated that more than 37 million parents participate in this event.  

GMS partakes in Bring Your Kids to Work Day

On Monday June 15th, GMS conducted “Bring your kids to work Day”

Our Goal: GMS employees’ children would get a better understanding of what we do during the day. It was important for us that our children were able to see us as something other than the cook, the coach, the maid, or the chauffeur driver. If we had meetings, webinars, or conference calls, our children would be by our side for the day. The more they saw, the more they would learn!

GMS started off the day with the kids attending The GMS sales meeting even if their parents were not in Sales.  

Here are some activities that we conducted:

  1. Kids wrote  three lines as to what they learned for the day 
  2. Pizza was brought in for lunch
  3. A scavenger hunt was conducted to learn about our different departments
  4. Everyone was shown an end of the day video

Below are some of the things the kids learned:

  • My mom works on the phone a lot and needs it to be quiet
  • My dad does other company’s taxes and I learned how he sends out local taxes
  • They use a lot of stamps, which seems strange with the internet
  • My dad drives a lot – GMS believes in face to face meetings
  • He makes a lot of phone calls to people that don’t want to talk to him (I guess this child followed a GMS Sales Professional)
  • My dad fixes other people’s problems
  • My mom helps other business do better
  • My mommy has a lot of meetings
  • My mom does workers comp stuff
  • My mom and her company helps business owners
  • The Government takes about 40% of your paycheck
  • My mom and all GMS employees prepare before a meeting
  • My mom’s company makes a business owner’s life a lot easier (one of my favorite)
  • My dad gets to drive to different places
  • They make a lot of friends in the workplace (another favorite)
  • My dad has fun with what he does (another favorite)
  • My dad’s company helps injured workers get back to work 
  • My dad thinks all small business owners should listen to what GMS does 
  • Some companies offer a 401K and some do not

GMS concluded the day with the children interviewing their parents on what they were doing when they were their age and a session on “lifetime of confidence.” 

All in all, I think the day was a success.

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Stacey Edelman: 2013 Ohio Glass Ceiling Award Winner

by Tim AustinMay 28, 2013 9:34 AM

GMS is thrilled to announce that Stacey Edelman is a 2013 Ohio Glass Ceiling Award winner!


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