The Benefits of the GMS Mobile App

by Tim AustinJuly 26, 2016 8:00 AM

Accessing all of your benefits information used to be a pain. Even if you had all of your documents and details organized nicely in a folder, you still wouldn’t be able to access it if you were outside of your home or office. That’s why GMS made it possible to have total access to your health plan no matter where you are.

The GMS Mobile Benefits App for the self-insured plan option allows business owners and their employees to see all of their health plan information on their phone. GMS customers can simply download the app and set-up their account and see info on their eligibility, deductibles, claims, and applicable links to their network and other benefits information. Here’s how the GMS Mobile Benefits App saves you from future hassles.

Image of a man using a PEO mobile app on his phone.




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