Employee Benefits Administration

You want to keep and attract quality employees so you can keep growing your business, but one of the best ways to do this – offering a quality benefits package – is becoming increasingly expensive and takes too much of your time.

Whether your organization lacks an HR department or HR team, or simply needs a resource to make more informed decisions about benefits management, GMS can help.

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What Types of Benefits Can I Offer My Employees Through a PEO?

  • Fully insured health - Multiple options from the nation’s top carriers that can be tailored to your specific industry and organization.
  • 401(k) or profit sharing - Help employees take advantage of tax-deferred savings plans to fund retirement.
  • Group life - Life insurance options for employees, including supplemental insurance policies and spousal coverage options.
  • Dental - Dental plans from top providers with access to a large network of credentialed dentists.
  • Vision
  • Disability - Protection for employees against major medical events, offered in a range of coverage levels.
  • Supplemental insurance

Health Insurance Plan Options

GMS partners with the nation’s leading insurance carriers and has carefully tailored a successful captive platform to provide a multitude of medical quoting options. Group healthcare isn’t a “one size fits all option” and transparency is the golden rule within our consultative approach. 

  • Fully Funded – Aimed to address companies with 2 or more employees, GMS’ fully funded platform utilizes national appointments & census-based quoting to procure responses from the top carriers in each client’s locale.   
  • Level Funded – A subsidiary of self-insuring, GMS’ level funded platform analyzes medical risk to allow a business cash flow advantages & control over their group medical policy. Level funding is uniquely structured to provide stability in an everchanging healthcare industry & has the ability offset market volatility seen within the ACA landscape.

How Will Benefits Administration Outsourcing Help My Business?

There are many benefits to partnering with a PEO for employee benefit administration:

  • Save time We administer the plans on your behalf
  • Save money We give your company greater buying power through economies of scale
  • Simplified employee management You have one point of contact, not many
  • Focus Spend less time worrying about benefits packages and more time growing your business

Online Employee Self-Service Portal

Organizations that aren’t leveraging a PEO or online benefits platform are likely wasting valuable time and energy. Managing pay stubs and W2’s, tracking time, or doing job costing and labor distribution can be time-consuming and take business owners away from focusing on more important projects.

With GMS, our online employee self-service portal allows employees to do all of the following and more:

  • Change address information
  • Change direct deposit information
  • Update or change tax withholdings
  • View or print their pay stub and W2 history
  • Track time (clock in and clock out)

We offer flexibility, control of premiums, access to data and networks and overall options that you cannot find anywhere else. Financial security, flexible benefit options, and unprecedented customer service set GMS apart as an industry leader and the preferred provider of employee management services.

Interested? Contact GMS at 330-659-0100 to learn more today.

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