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Worksite Manager Login

Welcome to the GMS Connect Worksite Manager (Employer), Payroll, and GMS Employer Benefits login page. If your organization has been migrated to GMS Connect, please select the GMS Connect button below, otherwise, please select the green legacy login button below to log into Payroll or the green benefits button to the right to log in to Benefits.

Access to PrismHR, HRPyramid, Informer, or the API during the scheduled maintenance period will not be available. 

To Access GMS Connect, Click The Image Below 


Get Help With GMS Connect:

Click here to learn more about GMS Connect.

Click here to download the GMS Connect Client User Guide.

Click here below to see the latest on supported browsers.

Recommended-Browsers-GMS Connect 5Feb21.pdf

There is a mobile application for GMS Connect Time and Labor (previously called Time Clock Plus or TCP) but there is not a native application for GMS Connect. GMS Connect is built on responsive web pages which will reconfigure on the fly to work with various mobile and PC platforms so a native mobile application is not needed.

Yes, for a nominal additional fee you can take advantage of an integrated time keeping system that includes support for advance PTO and time off accrual policies.

There are several options:
  1. Call your Payroll Specialist or your HR Account Manager
  2. Call us at (330) 690-0110
  3. Email us at