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Workplace Injuries & Safety Programs by the Numbers

Employers across the United States pay billions of dollars on workers’ compensation claims each year. Additional costs include loss of productivity, time spent managing the administration of claims, and time invested in hiring or training new employees.

The good news is that workers’ compensation is an expense that can be managed in part with a workplace injury and illness prevention program. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The Bad Numbers

$74 billion

$100.2 billion - The amount paid by employers for workers’ compensation claims.

4.1 million

7 million - The number of people who suffer workplace injuries each year in the United States.


4,764 - The number of people who die from workplace injuries each year.


27% - The frequency of workplace injuries from falls or slips.


5x - How much more likely that drug users will file a workers’ compensation claim.


3.6x - How much more likely drug users will be injured on the job.


$1.00 - The cost of workers’ compensation costs per $100 of covered employee wages.

The Good Numbers


1970 - The year the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was signed into law.


60% - Decline in workplace injuries and deaths since OSHA became a law.


43% - Increase productivity from employees who follow workplace safety programs.


34 - Number of states that require or encourage workplace safety programs.


28% - Reduction in cost for businesses that use workplace safety programs.


7% - Increase in employee retention for businesses that use workplace safety programs.


6% - Increase in employee morale and job satisfaction for businesses that use workplace safety programs.

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