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Payroll FAQs

No. You retain full control and direction over your employees.

We offer 500+ payroll reports. Your dedicated GMS payroll specialist will work with and guide you to find the best reports to suit your needs. We also offer custom reporting should the standard reporting options not work for you. 

When you join GMS, you will be assigned a dedicated payroll specialist following your first payroll processed with our implementation team. If you have any questions, you will know exactly who to contact. 

Yes, we are able to customize visibility within GMS Connect to suit your needs. 

We take the time to work with you to be sure that we tailor your setup within GMSConnect to your specific needs. 

Immediately upon making the decision to work with GMS, our implementation team will be in contact with you to begin gathering all pertinent information that is needed to build out your account within GMSConnect. With that information, we will build your custom payroll solution and personally walk you through it. 

We can provide you with reference letters from previous customers who were thrilled at how easy the transition was. 

We recommend you keep your accountant.

We will submit and report all payroll taxes including 940s, 941s, state, county and multiple local tax calculations and filings. We also take care of W-2s for the employees. NOTE - because GMS is a PEO, our name will appear as the employer on the W-2. We are not here to replace your accountant. Most of our clients still work with their accountant for other purposes related to the earning side of the business and for business forecasting matters, etc. 

GMS posts W-2s to each employee's personal login for retrieval in January each year. If you join GMS mid-year, it's important that you discuss with your previous provider that you need to prepare and file the W-2s for that period. 

Your company name will be on each check stub.

Three business days prior to the pay date. 

GMSConnect is a web-based software so you may enter it from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can even access your GMSConnect account from your phone. 

No. With our web-based payroll, you have control of the entry and review process to be sure everything is accurate the first time. This increases efficiency and minimizes the chance of mistakes. 

All payroll submissions are made through GMSConnect. You may enter your time sheet details manually or through a file upload. We also offer an integrated timekeeping system should you be looking for a tracking solution. 

Yes. We have many layers of flexibility to track costing items. 

Yes. GMS utilizes electronic onboarding for new hires and benefits. Details about pay history including pay stubs and W-2s are available to each employee via the portal. We also offer an app where one may view details about benefit claims, medical cards, PTO, etc. Our integrated timekeeping system also offers an app for time clock punches and leave request processing. 

Managed payroll services refer to outsourcing payroll operations, including payroll processing, tax compliance, and more, to an external company. As a professional employer organization (PEO), GMS offers various managed payroll services, helping businesses make their payroll functions more efficient. 

Payroll management encompasses all tasks related to payroll operations, optimizing the entire payroll function. Strategic planning, tax compliance, benefits administration, payroll processing, and all responsibilities related to payroll are handled through payroll management. 

Payroll processing is a more specific procedure that falls under payroll management, explicitly focusing on the accurate distribution of employee compensation. Tasks related to payroll processing include calculating and disbursing employee wages, tracking PTO, and withholding deductions.

Outsourcing payroll management to an external company such as GMS conserves time, resources, and money, allowing businesses to focus more on core operations and growth. Because outsourcing payroll services offer expertise in payroll functions, they can increase efficiency, catch mistakes, and ensure compliance.

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Check out these free resources from our Education Center to learn more about payroll administration and how outsourcing your payroll can benefit your business.

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