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Payroll FAQs

No. You retain full control and direction over your employees.

We offer 500+ payroll reports. Your dedicated GMS payroll processor will find out what reports you want and can email them every payroll batch.

We assign a dedicated payroll processor. If you ever have any questions, you will know exactly who to contact.

Yes, we customize the payroll system to each individual company that we deal with.

Because we can tailor your payroll system to your specific needs.

Immediately upon making the decision to work with GMS you will be contacted and asked for all pertinent information that is needed to build your payroll system (names, DOB, address, SS #, tax filing status etc). With that information, we will build your custom payroll solution and personally walk you through it.

We can provide you with reference letters from previous customers who were thrilled at how easy the transition was.

We recommend you keep your accountant.

We will submit and report all payroll taxes including 940s, 941s, state, county and multiple local tax calculations and fillings. We also take care of W2’s for the employees. We are not here to replace your accountant. Most of our clients still work with their accountant for other tax purposes related to the employer side of the business and for business forecasting matters etc.

We mail and process all W-2s and your employees are able to also log on to the payroll system themselves and pull a copy of their W-2. As far as payroll before joining GMS, we handle those W-2s as well. That is why we enter all your current year to date information into our system.

No. Quarterlies, W-2s, year ends are all included in our full service payroll processing.

Your company name will be on each check stub.

No later than 72 hours prior to your check date.

We do offer direct deposit into as many as seven different accounts. This does not cost extra.

If your employees don’t have a bank account, we will set them up on a Global Cash card, which operates like a pre-paid calling card. This is free to the employee.

We feature an online payroll system, so you can enter it from anywhere an Internet connection exists. You can even get into our payroll system from your phone.

No. With our web based payroll, the client takes control over the entries to ensure it is as accurate as the information that is keyed in. This increases efficiency and minimizes the chance of mistakes.

Through the payroll site. You can do this manually or through a file upload.

Yes. We have several clients of ours that need this feature as well.

No, we do not take on that responsibility.

On HR Pyramid (the name for our web-based tool), the employer is able to make note of employees' behaviors, as well as, have all signed documents, including the handbook, scanned right into the system for compliance.

Yes, we will deduct your workers' comp with each payroll.

We work with a couple of different options on this. Some of our clients explore our options, others will continue with their current system and we try to build bridges/patches where that data can be imported into our system.

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Learn more about GMS' payroll services, or give us a call at 330-659-0100 to learn more about how GMS can make your managing your business simpler, safer, and stronger.

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