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Voluntary Benefits

Are you an individual who is interested in benefits but not sure where to start? If so, GMS can help you access a variety of voluntary benefits. These benefits are optional and paid entirely by the employee.

GMS experts are here to ease the process and offer voluntary benefits at a lower rate than one would receive by purchasing on their own. Learn more about each product to discover which fits best.

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Download The Complete Guide To Voluntary Benefits For Consumers

Dental Insurance - Delta Dental Of Ohio

Dental insurance makes dental care more affordable while delivering high-quality service that you can count on. With a focus on prevention, dental insurance typically covers professional services such as routine check-ups, cleanings, and exams at 100%. With three out of four dentists in the United States participating in one or more of their programs, your current dentist will likely be among them. This helps reduce out-of-pocket costs, so you pay less for your dental care. A dental plan from Delta Dental will:

  • Improve overall health
  • Encourage routine dental care for long-term benefits
  • Give you cost savings and budget management
  • Provide you with coverage for the unexpected

You can keep yourself and your family healthy through specialized packages when you partner with GMS and Delta Dental. 

Vision Insurance - VSP

Sight is our window to wellness, so VSP is committed to bringing together the best people, products, and services to deliver greater access to high-quality, affordable eye care and eyewear. They help see every possibility with the most comprehensive portfolio of eye health services, eyewear solutions, and practice solutions. 

Life Insurance - Pendella

We are excited to offer an additional level of life insurance to our GMS Metlife offering. If you are looking for additional life insurance above the GMS limit, please look into the options provided by Pendella.

Pendella partners with top-rated, national carriers to offer comprehensive and reliable individual life and disability insurance protection. They collect health and demographic information, combine it with big-data sources, and accurately recommend the right insurance product for their lifestyle. Pendella is a leading-technology company bringing decades of insurance expertise, innovation, and intelligent business design to fulfill one purpose - to deliver financial protection of individual life and disability insurance to everyone, regardless of age, health status, or income level. 

Most individuals use life insurance to provide money to beneficiaries who would suffer financially upon the insured's death. It provides financial security, helps to pay off debts, helps pay living expenses, and pays for any medical or final expenses. On the other hand, for wealthy individuals, the tax advantages of life insurance can provide additional strategic opportunities. 

The following are reasons to buy life insurance:

  • Guaranteed protection
  • Income replacement
  • Tax-free benefit
  • Guaranteed cash value growth
  • Dividend potential 

Pet Insurance - MetLife

MetLife Pet Insurance plans offer robust annual benefit options, chronic care coverage, and no lifetime or per-incident limits for pets of all ages. You can customize your deductible and reimbursement rates, so they work best for your pet’s needs and your budget. Health care for animals can be expensive, but pet insurance can help you cover those expenses and give your pet the care you want and they deserve. Below are some of the most common costs pet owners accumulate over the course of time:

  • Checkups and vaccines: $25-$150
  • Consultations and X-rays: $150-$250
  • Average cost of emergency vet visits: $800-$1,500
  • Long-term hospitalization: $600-$3,000
  • Emergency surgeries: $3,000+

Looking at these costs should at least make you consider pet insurance to alleviate these costs. Affordable, extensive coverage means your pet can get the care they need to help them live a long and healthy life.

Accident Insurance - MetLife

Accidents change everything. They can endanger your family, alter your way of life, and often damage your investments. Get back on track by getting accident insurance coverage. This insurance provides funds that can be used as you see fit. It can help with out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles, copays, medical transportation, childcare, and more.

Critical Illness Insurance - MetLife

Critical illnesses can happen when you least expect them and can be costly. Handling the emotions that come up when experiencing an unexpected and severe illness is difficult enough. Worrying about your financial stability on top of this is overwhelming. MetLife helps you have the financial stability necessary to focus on healing during a difficult time. Recover first, worry less with MetLife Critical Illness insurance.

Pre-Paid Legal - MetLife

A legal plan may save you money on common legal issues, whether you’re just starting out, married with kids, or getting ready to retire. MetLife Legal Plans gives you access to expert legal help so you can navigate life’s big moments confidently. For a cost-effective monthly rate, you simply find an attorney, make an appointment, and let MetLife Legal Plans handle the rest. Help cover the costs of a range of legal issues with a Legal Plan and gain access to experienced attorneys to help with estate planning and more.

Home And Auto Insurance - Farmers

Farmers Insurance has spent the past 90 years putting customers first – personalized attention is a hallmark of the Farmers’ experience. Homeowners insurance is there to help you ease the financial burden of repairing or rebuilding your home and replacing belongings after commonplace disasters. In addition, by switching your auto insurance to Farmers, you could save an average of $441. Whatever you drive, you know you need insurance for your car and assets. Farmers offers coverage options that enable you to get the auto insurance policy you want.

Short & Long Term Disability And Life Insurance - Lincoln Financial

Short and long term disability 

Lincoln Financial has been helping Americans find financial security. They are committed to helping you reach your goals through an independent relationship focused on what’s most important to you and your family.

  • Short-term disability (STD) plans from Lincoln Financial Group provide a wide variety of options to help fit your needs. Through Lincoln Financial, you will receive assistance for the protection of your income and return to work after a short-term illness or injury.
  • Long-term disability (LTD) plans from Lincoln Financial Group help you recover and return to work with a variety of plans for an extended absence from work.

Life insurance 

Life insurance can provide security for those who matter most while protecting and shaping your financial future. The right life insurance policy lives alongside you, providing you with options for protection and opportunities to grow as your life changes and priorities shift. More than 17 million Americans have relied on Lincoln Financial for superior life insurance options and exceptional customer service for over a century. They design products for life, meeting both your current needs and future goals. Nothing beats feeling secure and protected.

Telemedicine - Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health is the global leader in whole-person virtual care. They offer the technology to connect, expertise you can trust, and the power to improve health for all. At Teladoc, they believe that everyone should have access to the best healthcare, anywhere in the world on their own terms. Their mission is to provide whole-person virtual care that includes primary care, mental health, chronic condition management, and more.

Teladoc’s technology and clinical expertise provide greater access to a wide range of physical and mental healthcare services; empower people with insights that inspire and accelerate better health decisions, while fostering clinical collaboration that leads to higher quality care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is determined by what options you elect, your unique situation, and how much coverage is chosen. While there is no "one size fits all price, when you purchase through GMS, you enjoy more competitive rates due to our buying power. 

Voluntary benefits are optional, employee-paid benefits - sometimes referred to as supplemental benefits. 

Voluntary benefits help close the gap between typical insurance coverage and additional needs. These insurance plans can further complement traditional healthcare coverage by providing payouts to help offset unexpected and/or large expenses that medical insurance may not cover. 

They are 100% employee-paid in a pre-tax payroll deduction. 

Employers and their employees will receive communication regarding an open enrollment window. During that time, employees will log into their Employee Self Service portal and elect or waive their voluntary coverage options. Elections will go into effect at the beginning of the following month - for example, if you elect during September, your coverage will begin in October. 

Yes. Voluntary benefits include coverage for critical illness, home and auto, pet insurance, and so much more. They help cover high deductibles, copayments, and other unexpected expenses. Help yourself now and get the coverage you need before you have to pay out-of-pocket. 

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Partner with GMS today to receive the voluntary benefits you need. Various options are available to ease stress and ensure security. Learn more about how voluntary benefits are beneficial to you. Contact us today.