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Does Outsourcing HR Functions Mean You Lose Control of Your Business?

We understand that you have existing relationships with multiple vendors to tackle your various payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, and other HR needs. 

We understand that you have worked closely with them from day one and, because you’ve been so involved, you may feel like you have a good pulse on your company’s HR situation. 

Which is why we understand that people sometimes fear losing control when partnering with a PEO. No need to fear…

The answer is absolutely not.

PEOs actually give you more control over your business operations.


PEOs Let You Focus More on Growing Your Business

Most PEOs will assign your business a team with a full range of HR expertise. Your focus doesn’t have to be splintered across HR compliance, workers’ compensation taxes, workplace safety programs, human capital needs, etc. because PEOs manage it for you. 

Most PEOs also assign a single point of contact to streamline communication. Working directly with one instead of many frees up your valuable time.

The Big Picture

PEOs Help You See the Big Picture

Because most companies work with specific vendors for specific HR and human capital needs, those vendors tend to work in silos. This makes it nearly impossible to maximize cost saving opportunities across your HR obligations.

Let’s say you’re dealing with rising workers’ compensation, unemployment rates, healthcare costs, and / or an increase in HR complaints. A PEO would make sure workers’ compensation taxes are filed properly and paid on time. It can also help you implement a workplace safety program that can prevent future accidents. PEOs also find solutions for your HR compliance and human capital needs.

Because you can see the big picture, you have a safer work place, less turnover, and better rates.

Cash flow

PEOs Improve Your Cashflow

Economy of scale is a major benefit to working with PEOs.

Because PEOs take on the liability and responsibility of your employees’ payroll, taxes, health benefits, unemployment, and workers’ compensation, the state technically views the PEO as a “co-employer.” 

You retain full control of your business, but the co-employment relationship qualifies your company for discounted tax rates and lower premiums that you couldn’t get without the PEO. With extra cash on hand, you can invest in your employees, your equipment, or both.

You Are In Complete Control

Greater Control

When you partner with a PEO, you stay in complete control of your business. PEOs just make it easier and more efficient to do so.

If you want to fire an employee, you can. If you don’t want to include supplemental insurance in your benefits package, you don’t have to. If you don’t want help with employee retention programs, no problem. You call the shots.

In short, PEOs make your business simpler, safer, and stronger.

Make Sure a PEO is Right For You

If you’re still not sure whether a PEO is right for you, or you’re shopping around for a PEO, take a look at these resources:

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