What the Updates to New Jersey’s Family Leave Laws Mean to Business Owners

by Makenzie RizzoOctober 14, 2019 8:00 AM

The state of family medical leave has been in flux in New Jersey over the past year. In February, Governor Phil Murphy signed an amendment to expand both New Jersey’s Family Leave Act (NJFLA) and Family Leave Insurance law (NJFLI). Those changes went into effect back on June 30, 2019, but they wouldn’t be the only adjustments to leave laws during the years.

As of Oct. 7, 2019, business owners have a pair of new laws to plan for when it comes to how the state processes leave applications. With so many changes, it can be hard to keep all the new family leave updates straight. To help, here’s a breakdown of what business owners need to know about the changes to family leave in New Jersey over the course of 2019 – and why it might be important to business outside the Garden State as well.

A mother taking family medical leave from work after the birth of her new child.


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How Much PTO Should Employees Receive?

by Tim AustinSeptember 23, 2019 5:07 PM

Paid time off (PTO), while an attractive employee benefit, can present some challenges for small business owners. From determining the number of PTO days to creating an employee leave policy to tracking time off, there’s a lot that must be taken into consideration. Use this guide to determine how much PTO your employees should receive.

 Woman travelling on PTO.


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Human Resources

What Georgia Business Owners Need to Know About Employee Leave

by Drew BlesseJuly 29, 2019 9:52 AM

As a small business owner, a day off from work can be hard to come by. Nevertheless, come election day, flu season, or travel season, your employees will need a resource to turn to in order to know whether or not they have to show up for work. It’s important to include an employee leave policy in your employee handbook, so your employees understand the rules and expectations about the amount of time they’re allowed to be away from work. 

“There are so many different types of employee leave, and each bucket may require its own policies in the company handbook,” says Beth Milito, senior executive counsel at the National Federation of Independent Business’s (NFIB) Legal Center

When crafting employee leave policies, you should first check the employee leave laws in your state. Employee leave laws govern whether an employer must allow employees to take time off―either paid or unpaid―under a different number of circumstances, such as vacations, sick days, holidays, bereavement, and jury duty. Leave laws also address whether an employer must pay accrued leave to employees upon separation from employment.

 Vacation employee leave.


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