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California Updates Mandatory Pamphlets For New Hires

California Updates Mandatory Pamphlets For New Hires

California has recently made updates to two crucial pamphlets that employers are required to provide to new hires. These changes aim to ensure that workers are well-informed about their rights, benefits, and the procedures to follow in the event of workplace-related issues.

Understanding The Updates

The California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Workers Compensation has revised the “Time of Hire” pamphlet. Employers must provide this document to all newly hired employees. The pamphlet serves as a comprehensive guide, explaining the intricacies of workers’ compensation, including the process of filing claims and accessing medical care. This update showcases the state’s commitment to ensuring employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation.

The ”For Your Benefit” pamphlet

In addition, the Employment Development Department (EDD) updated its “For Your Benefit” pamphlet, which must be provided to new hires and employees upon discharge. This document outlines the various benefits that the state provides to employees in the event of termination or when they’re on specific types of leave. It also offers valuable insights into obtaining unemployment insurance, tax requirements related to unemployment benefits, eligibility criteria for state disability insurance, and a list of workers who may not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Compliance And Accountability For Business Owners In California

These updates remind employers of their legal obligations to provide accurate and updated information to their employees. By complying with these regulations, employers contribute to a more transparent and accountable work culture where employee rights are respected and upheld.

In light of these updates to mandatory pamphlets for new hires in California, professional employer organizations (PEOs) can play a pivotal role in assisting businesses in the state. PEOs can provide invaluable support by ensuring businesses remain compliant with the updated regulations and offer expert guidance on workers’ compensation, state-provided benefits, and other related matters. GMS’ HR experts are here to take on the administrative burdens of small business owners in California. Contact us today to learn more!

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