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Are You Ready to be Unionized?

Back in January, I wrote a blog post called “Are You a Union Shop? Are You Prepared to Be?” In it, I talked about how an NLRB ruling split 3-2 along party lines was making it easier for unions to unionize a place of employment.

A PEO like GMS can help your company by creating an employee handbook.

Well that time has  come. In a recent article posted online, the NFIB talks about how these new rules will “bring about "quickie" union elections in as few as 10 to 14 days. This change in election rules will make it much more difficult for employers to fight a union organizing campaign and far easier for unions to win. It also goes into some suggestions about things that employers can do to put themselves in a better defensive position should this happen to them.  

Among the four things they listed, No. 3 struck me:

Don’t be afraid to communicate with employees. Address your business’s labor relations philosophy in new hire orientation and in an employee handbook.

An employee handbook? Really? Exactly!

Over the last eight years, I have spoken with business owners in many different industries and varying sizes. Some have employee handbooks and are diligent in keeping them up to date. Some have them, but don’t update as frequently as they need to. Some have thought about it, but never got around to it. Some, incredulously, don’t have one because their attorney advised them years ago to not get one and put anything in writing.

Well, with the ever-increasing employee-related costs of government compliancy, more and more business owners are starting to see the importance and value of having this very basic Human Resource tool in their company. A handbook is just a first step, albeit, a very good one.  

If you need help in that area or in other areas related to human resources and/or are concerned with the future of your workforce, give us a call at 888-823-2084 or contact us online.

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