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Social Selling Tips: Twitter Edition

Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter, offering you plenty of potential to find customers in need of your services. Due to the volume and variety of content shared each and every day, Twitter can be overwhelming at first, but a little guidance can go a long way. Here are some tips for finding potential opportunities on the social platform.

Using Twitter for business.

Cutting Through the Noise

Even if you tried, you can’t read everything on Twitter. Thousands of new tweets are sent out every second, leading to a lot of content that you can sift through.

You can’t go through everything – nor would you want to – but you can narrow down your search to include tweets from people that are more likely to become potential customers by using certain hashtags. Millions of people use these little pound signs to organize their tweets for you, allowing you to target people who are tweeting about needs that your business can help with. 

Personalize Your Search

What you search for is entirely dependent on what services your business provides and what type of customers you are trying to draw. For example, if your business is aimed toward helping people with home improvement projects, #HomeownerProbs is a hashtag where potential customers are openly sharing content about certain needs, such as painting a room or a broken sink.

Not every hashtag will be a winner, but through some creative searching, you could find several opportunities for business.

Offer Help to Those in Need

Once you narrow your search down to people tweeting about needs that suits your services, you can jump into the conversation. 

This doesn’t mean that you should necessarily sell them on something right away, as an overly aggressive approach can scare off potential customers. Instead, contributing to the conversation with helpful advice or striking up a chain of interactions about what they are looking for can provide valuable information for them and build up their trust in your company.

Growing Your Business

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