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Where Do You Find Quality Talent for Hiring?

If you think it’s hard to find good talent these days, you’re not alone. The Society for Human Resource Management conducted a survey of more than 3,300 HR professionals and found that “more than two-thirds of surveyed organizations hiring full-time staff indicate[d] they are having a difficult time recruiting for job openings.”

Thanks to a combination of factors, hiring employees that truly fit your requirements can be a tricky process. SHRM’s Jennifer Schramm cites “a low number of applicants, lack of needed work experience among those that do apply, competition from other employers, and a lack of technical skills among job applicants” as obstacles that employers face these days.

When it comes to finding the right applicant for the job, it’s important to know where to look. Here's where you should consider looking to find the quality talent your business needs to grow.

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Consider Employee Referrals and Networks

Employee referrals are a way to utilize the way to utilize personal and professional networks to your company’s advantage. An internal referral program can be a very effective way to find quality employees, particularly if the referrals lead to new company leaders or management. 

Engaged employees will have a good understanding of what it takes to fit in at a company and are more likely to want their company to succeed. Because of this, they may refer friends and colleagues who may suit your open positions. They’re also less likely to refer unqualified friends and family because their reputation may be affected by a bad suggestion. Ultimately, a 2016 Gallup study showed that “internal referrals were more than 40% more likely to interview successfully and be offered a spot in the program than candidates who applied through the company's media channels.”

Use Social Media

If you’re looking for a very specific type of applicant, social media may work for you. Social media recruitment ads can help you get your open position in front of a large audience of people that match your qualifications. Facebook advertising in particular allows you to get extremely granular in your targeting. You can narrow down your search to people with certain job titles, who work in specific industries, and live in a certain area. With a well-made social media ad, you can reach a large group of targeted people.

Another benefit of using social media is that it can allow companies to weed out bad candidates. According to a Forbes article by TalentCulture CEO Meghan M. Biro, “61% of hiring managers found something they didn’t like on a candidate’s social media account, and 55% of hiring managers reconsidered the hire based on what they found.” A little bit of detective work on social media can help you whittle down exactly who you bring in for interviews and save you and your team some valuable time.

Hire Internally

Internal hires are already familiar with the company, so you know where they’ll stand when it comes to your corporate culture. You also won’t need to spend nearly as much time on orientation just to get them up to speed. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School professor Matthew Bidwell has also done research indicating that external hires can “earn 18 percent to 20 percent more than existing employees promoted to similar positions.”

If your business requires somebody with a new skill set or a fresh set of ideas, external hires make sense. If you have people in your company that you believe can step up and do the job, an internal hire can be an effective – and cheaper – solution that can lead to more immediate results.

Find the Right People for Your Business

A targeted recruitment approach can help you find the right employees for your business. Of course, the search is just one part of a long, and potentially costly, process. 

A Professional Employer Organization can help you recruit, train, and retain quality employees. Our experts can help you identify the most qualified job candidates and offer them attractive benefits. Contact us today to talk with one of our experts about employee training and recruiting services that will help you grow your business. 

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