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2021 W2s and Form 1095s Are Now Available In Your Employee Self Service Portal.

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Indianapolis, Indiana PEO

Let GMS take the wheel when it comes to managing benefits and HR responsibilities for your small business.

Managing day-to-day HR and business functions can be challenging when you’re trying to scale your small business.

It’s complicated, time-consuming, and costly to provide attractive benefits like health insurance and retirement plans while ensuring compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. 

That’s where outsourcing your HR responsibilities to a professional employer organization (PEO) like GMS can help. By taking on the administrative burden of HR management, we can reduce HR costs and address the ever-changing compliance requirements that keep Indiana business owners up at night.

GMS' Indianapolis, IN, office provides comprehensive human resources services for small businesses in the Hoosier State, including:

9100 Purdue Road

Suite 209

Indianapolis, IN 46268

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